Ready for D› Soca Lime?! – Nur mit Festival-Package Tickets

We are happy to welcome all Festival-Package Holders to the Soca Lime! It will take place in our favorite venue in Zürich! Actually it’s that historic venue where we FIRST brought Soca music to when we came to Zürich. At that time it was called La Catrina. Today it’s called SENDER.

It will be a very special Lime! There is a BBQ available with Jerk Chicken, Cole Slaw Salad and Manioc. First come, first serve. The whole thing starts at 4pm.

Apart from that there will be musical entertainment by our resident DJs like DJ Miraculix, Selecta Iray and more. AND there will be a live Radioshow with special guests taking place.

Be aware that the space is very limited and Soca Lime is only accessible for FESTIVAL PACKAGE HOLDERS. Thank you for understanding.


Sender, Zürich
from 4pm – 10pm

Kurzgasse 4, 8004 Zürich


6. - 8. September 2024