FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)



Where do I find my tickets?

Our ticket sale goes through Eventfrog. There are Weekend-Tickets and Tickets for the Saturday and Friday Event only. Sunday’s boatride is available for WEEKEND-TICKET-Holders only.

🎫 Weekend Packages incl. 🚢 Boat Ride 📦

🎫 Friday SocaColours Tickets 🎨

🎫 Saturday SocaFever Tickets 🌡


WHEN and WHERE is the Swiss Swiss Soca Festival 2022 taking place?

The 6th Edition of the Swiss Soca Festival will be held from 9. – 11 September 2022 in Zug and Lucerne, Switzerland.

Which AIRPORT is closest?

ZHR (Zürich) airport is the closest Airport. It takes about 1 hour to reach Lucerne by train, about 30 minutes to reach Zug. There are direct trains and trains to Zürich mainstation. From Zürich mainstation you will have trains to Lucerne every 30 minutes.

How to get around in Lucerne?

You will reach all our Locations by Train or Tram/Bus. Check this Link where you can find all the Locations marked:

For Bus/Tram and Train Connections download the following App:
📱www.sbb.ch – Switzerland Public Transportation

You can reach all our Locations by Train or Bus. As Lucerne is a small citiy the venues can also be reached by foot or by bus. To reach Zug, where the boatride is on sunday, you will have to catch a direct train. The journey takes about 25-30 minutes.

One Way Ticket from Zürich Airport to Lucerne costs CHF 30..– / Cheaper tickets might be available by purchasing in advance via the app, where you also can find all train and bus schedules.

For travelling with buses and trains without needing a ticket, we can recomed FAIRTIQ APP. Log in when you enter the bus or train and log you when you leave the train. Payment by credit card.


If you need help and want to lime with others on the train, feel free to join the Whats App Group. You can apply to be added to the Whats App Chat here:

📱 Be added to the Whats App Group


What does the Festival Package include?

The Festival Package includes all the Following Events

Friday 9. September 2022
6pm – 4am
🎨 Soca Colours at NF49, Emmenbrücke Lucerne

Saturday 10. September 2022
5pm – 4am
🌡 Soca Fever at Schüür, Lucerne

Sunday 11. September 2022
3pm – 6pm
🚢 Soca Cruise Boatride at Lake of Zug

Can I buy single Tickets for all Events?

We offer Single Tickets for the following two Events (links above):

Friday 11. September 2020
🎨 Soca Colours & Magazin at NF49

Saturday 12. September 2020
🌡Soca Fever at Schüür Luzern

I want to buy a single Ticket for the Boat on Sunday 11. September 2022…

 The Boatride “Soca Cruise” is exclusively available in the Festival Package. There are no single Tickets available.

We regularly organize Boatparties throughout the Year. Follow us on our Socialmedia Platforms to stay up to date

Which Hotel should I stay at?

We recommend the following Hotels for your Stay:

Close to the SocaColours Location on Friday:
Anstatt Appartements Luzern

Close to Saturday’s Soca Fever Location:
Ibis Budget Luzern City
Cascada Hotel
Luzern Backpackers

Close to Sunday’s Soca Cruise Location
Anstatt Appartements Zug

For other accommodations, please check


Can I pay with Card at the Venues?

Please note, that not all Venues provide Card Payment. Please have cash on you.
It is not possible to use credit or debit cards on the boat.

Normal Shops, Restaurants etc. should all accept Card Payment.

For the international visitors: The Currency in Switzerland is Swiss Francs (CHF). Most Shops accept EUROS, but they’ll give you back the change in Swiss Francs.

Also very widely accepted is Twint Payment (also accepted on the boat):
📱 Twint App

Is there a minimum age to attend Swiss Soca Festival?

You must be 18 and over to get access to our Events.

Please always have your ID on you, as some clubs don’t allow entry without it.

I can’t come to the Festival this year, do you have other Events?

We regularly organize Events throughout the Year. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to stay up to date via our Newsletter.

For Soca Events in Switzerland please check:



I’m staying a few days longer than the Festival. Any recommendations what to see?

Lucerne, Zug and Switzerland in General have some of the most beautiful places you will ever see. A Hike in the Mountains, a scenic Train or a Dinner at the Lake, Switzerland has it all.

For things to do in Lucerne please check:

For things to do in Zug please check

For things to do in Switzerland please check

Also feel free to talk to the Swiss Soca Festival Veterans who visit Switzerland for years via the Whats App Group.

📱 Be added to the Whats App Group

I have more Questions!

Feel free to contact us on the following Platforms.




Whats App: +41 79 845 15 83 (text only)

8.-10. Sep 2023